Wednesday, September 30, 2009


from - ask a scientist:

"When you hear crickets chirping at night, that is the sound of males trying to attract females. A female cricket may fly over great distances as she homes in on the calling song of a male. The journey can be risky, because it exposes her to predators, but it is necessary if she is to mate and lay eggs to produce the next generation of crickets."

Tonight I was smoking a cigarette next to a sewer drain. After the last drag I tossed the butt into the drain and stood there as the symphony of Indiana crickets washed over me.

Suddenly I realized something. I bent over to hear better. Sure enough, there was a cricket, somewhere under the drain, chirping his fucking heart out.

Talk about the WORST situation for a cricket to be in to attract a mate - this guy was 10 feet down, in the sewer, with NO chance of meeting a mate. Yet there he was, hollering for the world to hear.

I can picture him falling down, thinking FUCK. I'm soooo fucked. He must have gathered himself together, said something like 'fuck it, I only get one shot at this shit', and started chirping.

Chirp away buddy, I'm on your side.

-flirting in korean

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