Friday, October 23, 2009

Korean emoticons (part 1)

Once you start getting some success with a Korean girl, (i.e. getting her phone number), you will notice that they have a huge vocabulary of emoticons. Let me save you some time and effort and teach you a few of my favorites ;P

^o^ - Happy

T_T - Crying

"keke" or "kkk" - Laughing (like covering your mouth snickering)

(^_~) - Wink

Pretty Sweet right!!!

-How to get a Korean Girlfriend (Flirting in Korean)

The FASTEST way to learn about Korean Culture

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Watch some Korean TV.

This new series is called Iris... and it's off the hook.

^o^ Flirting in Korean

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to properly use the word Oppa

Her: What's your name?

You: My name's _____... but you can just call me Oppa :)

Remember that it's Oh-Pah.

-How to get a Korean girlfriend

Friday, October 16, 2009

Word of the day: Oppa

I hear this word in Korean Dramas ALL the time.

From (a translation website):

"Oppa" literally means elder brother (for a woman) but it is widely used by women to address any older male friend. In particular, Korean girls always call their boyfriends 'oppa'. I guess the idea behind this is to indicate that he is as close as a brother. Or even closer :-) To call a guy an oppa is basically to call him a close friend, possibly a boyfriend. As you can tell, the concept of 'oppa' doesn't translate that easily into Western culture. "

A caveat: It doesn't sound like "Opera" ... it's like Oh-pa.

Flirting in Korean - How to get a Korean Girl

A new approach to learning a language

Welcome to Flirting in Korean, your #1 resource for learning how to flirt with Korean girls ... IN Korean!

Have you ever started to learn a language SOLELY because you were going on a vacation somewhere, and wanted to be able to pick up girls in that country?

I know I have.

Most Korean girls speak OK English, so you don't need to be fluent in Korean. But knowing a few "choice" phrases is the Ace up your sleeve that will make it 100x easier to land a Korean girlfriend... or 2 or 3 :)

Flirting in Korean --- How to get a Korean Girlfriend

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October's Hottest Korean Girl

Yoon Eun-hye ... talk about a badass girl. Not only is she a pop star - turned movie & drama star, but she has a degree in Business Administration and owns her own management company, called TheHouseCompany.

Put me in the right situation, and Yoon and I would get together.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to REALLY get a Korean Girlfriend

I've been searching EVERYWHERE online,

and I see so many people asking the same question:

"How can I get a Korean Girlfriend?"

The responses that are being thrown around internet forums and Yahoo! Questions, etc. are totally common-sense. Things like, "Korean girls are no different from any other girls, just be yourself and you will find a compatible girlfriend." ... and "You have to be rich, Korean girls only go for rich guys."

The problem is that attracting women has nothing to do with common sense. Let me tell you, you don't need to be rich, nor good looking to start getting TONS of attention from Korean girls.

Attracting Korean girls in the US, as a white guy, is SO MUCH EASIER than you think it is.


If you aren't willing to dedicate a couple hours to practicing and learning elementary Korean, and aren't willing to meet some new Korean friends and start hanging out with them, then forget it. Stick to the internet forums and common-sense advice.

But since you're reading this, you've already taken a step in the right direction. You're looking for more in-depth, CONCRETE steps you can take - today - to start getting massive amounts of attraction from Korean girls.

In a few days I am going to be unveiling my book, Flirting in Korean. It's LOADED with tips on how to quickly generate attraction SPECIFICALLY in Korean girls.

The reactions my students have been getting in the last few weeks have been downright astonishing.

I'm so excited to release this book. I hope some of you out there, who share the LOVE of Korean girls, get a chance to pick it up and start really making some moves.

-Flirting in Korean

The #1 source for Korean movies and TV shows !!!

Check out the Series called My Fair Lady.

It is so funny, some of the Korean girls I know are like mini Hye-na Kang's.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Drunk Blog post #1

Well, officially this is my first drunk post.

Unofficially, it's probably number 3 :)

Let me lay some GOLD on you guys.

Say some GOOFY shit in Korean, like...

OJINGO!!! (Romanized Korean... means SQUID!!!)

and then flap your hands like a squid under the waters

See what happens.

-How to Date Korean Girls.... Flirting in Korean

Flirting in Korean - the book

it's going to be epic.

A few things I am going to reveal in this book:

How to spike buying temperature THROUGH THE ROOF in 5 seconds or less

How to get Korean guys to actually BRING GIRLS TO YOU

How to make a TON of money while working on this stuff

-Flirting in Korean

Out of the 3 girls I like

One has a boyfriend

the other gave me her number tonight, but.... it seemed like a stretch, and I don't think much will come of it. (too bad, she was the HOTTEST of the 3) :)

But the third is in the running to be an olympic diver someday soon, and I think she likes me as much as I like her (a lot)

let's see how this pans out.

Oh, a caveat: one snag --- only one out of 3 (the girl w the boyfriend) was Korean... I would be breaking my rule if I were to date the diver

-flirting in Korean

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nal Kuroke Pujima

Don't look at me like that!

Or literally translated,

Me like that.... Don't look!

-Flirting in Korean